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These are some projects of mine I'd like to share:


Focus Drive for Meiji Techno EMZ stereo microscope

November 10, 2010

Focus drive for Meiji Techno EMZ series stereo microscopes. The focus drive allows precise vertical positioning of the microscope under computer control. Ideal for taking enhanced depth of focus pictures ("Focus stacking"). Resolution is better than 20µm per step.

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MPEG2 Video Decoder

March 6, 2008

MPEG2 video decoder, written in Verilog and implemented in an FPGA chip.

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Logicport Probe Adapter for Xilinx boards

April 10, 2007

Look at 32 signals, a clock enable and a clock of your Xilinx FPGA in real time at reasonable cost.

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Native gcc C compiler for PowerPC405 on the Xilinx ML403 board

November 12, 2005

No more cross-compiling: compile your PowerPC sources natively, on your development board.

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DVB-S card extension board for VRD

February 21, 2005

Improve the image quality of your DVB-S card: upgrade from composite to component video.

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Home-built VDR system

September 1, 2005

Build your own digital TV set-top box.

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SSH session logging patch

April 28, 2006

For your corporate gateway - log all secure shell sessions.

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Linux for Cisco 2500 routers

September 29, 2001

Run linux on Cisco 2500 routers in as little as 2 mbyte RAM.

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