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I'm a Belgian electronics engineer, living in Madrid, Spain.


These are some projects of mine I'd like to share:

  • Focus Drive for Meiji Techno EMZ stereo microscope
  • MPEG2 Video Decoder
  • Logic Analyzer Adapter for Xilinx boards.
  • Native gcc C compiler for PowerPC405 on the Xilinx ML403 board.
  • DVB-S card extension board for vdr.
  • Home-built vdr system.
  • SSH session logging patch.
  • Linux for Cisco 2500 routers.
Image Chip


If you browse through from these pages, you'll notice my main interests these days are where Xilinx, linux and digital TV coincide.

But I've also done ATM research, unix system administration, assembler and C programming, BGP3 and 4 routing on the Internet, and much much more.

As a self-employed engineer, fully licensed in both Belgium and Spain, I'm always open for business. If you have an interesting project where I would fit right in, need some consulting or support, just send me an email.