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The kernel will boot to a more or lesser degree on the following Motorola 68ec030-based Cisco routers:


Cisco 3000

A predecessor of the 2500, but with the same memory mapping.


Cisco 2500

Roughly the same memory map as the 3000; discrete logic has been replaced with a few asics.


Cisco 4000

A modularized 2500, with more ram, more flash and a higher clock.


DECbrouter 90

This is a router from Digital Equipment Corp., built by Cisco. It features the same processor and ethernet as the Cisco 2500, but uses the mk5025 synchronous serial controller from the Cisco IGS. The kernel will boot, and ethernet works. However, because the synchronous serials are different from the 2500, they are unsupported.


Related but unsupported platforms

Cisco 4500/4700

The kernel will not boot on Cisco 4500/4700 routers, as these don't have a Motorola 68ec030 but a MIPS processor.


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